Business intelligence through integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Consolidating all your data into a central location.

One of the biggest challenges facing many businesses is the challenge of being able to access data in a central location. Big data quickly becomes complex with data being divided amongst several pieces of software.

AVA, along with Power-BI consolidates all these data points into one central location providing stakeholders with a holistic view of their mining fleet.

Powerful data visualization to enable stakeholders.

Data is critical, but the visualisation of data is as important.

With its diverse selection of templates, AVA along with Power-BI ensure data is visualized in allow for users to easily draw insight from and to make better informed decisions.

Not using Power-BI? Don’t worry we cater to a multiple number of other data connectors.

With built-in intelligent learning Power-BI helps identify trends.

We live in an era of AI and machine learning, both in which if used correctly can empower businesses to grow.

Power-BI has built in machine learning features that can assist in analyzing data and help users identify valuable trends and assist in making more educated prediction about the future.

Intuitive & interactive interfaces.

With a combination of AVA and Power-BI,the solution provides users with a multiple number of intuitive and interactive interfaces that make it far more user-friendly and easy to navigate than your traditional spreadsheets.

This ensures that a wide variety of stakeholders can easily understand the dashboards and draw insight from them.

Constantly evolving to cater for new technologies & partnerships.

In an era of constant disruption and innovation we understand the importance to always adapt to new technologies.

AVA continues to partner with more hardware and software providers to ensure our solution is always at the cutting edge.