In April 2019, AVA was invited to the Northern Cape SAIMM quarterly convention to engage in knowledge sharing with mines in the area. AVA is a leading digital company that believes in a data-led mine management. AVA offers a digital solution to provide mines with a holistic view of their fleet, assisting these mines in making informed decisions.

At their core, these digital solutions are based within the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Unlike the traditional view of the Internet, the (IoT) refers to the communication between all entities that are connected. This allows for   all devices to share data with each other which is then collated to provide a comprehensive view. The more data points that exist, the more information the system is able to access.

It is because of this reason that such digital solutions rely heavily on the collaboration between all stakeholders at these mines. Solutions such as AVA believe in partnerships and the more partners that work together the more the value each mine will receive.

A key example of this is the variance between the start of a shift and the time till first ignition as well as from first ignition to 1st load. Digital systems such as AVA plug into a number of technologies to identify this variance and to see if is above or below the mine average. This allows for mines to ensure efficiency on a daily basis when it comes to shift change.

A second strength to these digital solutions as an “Software as a Service” (SaaS), for a fixed fee per asset you will be entitled to all system updates. If a certain mine requires a unique service and this is then created on the system all mines on the system will have access to this functionality. And as new features are added, there is no additional charge for you and no additional set-up costs. You will also be notified in real-time about these additions and changes to the system.

It was a great evening and AVA unpacked these points as well as a multiple number of other benefits to the attendees. Following the presentation they furnished a number of questions and there spot prizes were given away for the best question as well as a lucky draw. The evening ended with some dinner for all and some networking opportunities.