A data-driven approach to waste management.

Our five core focus areas.


Digitally manage and track your fleet to ensure route adherance and drive route accuracy.

Monitoring driver behaviour.

Digitally track and manage driver behaviour through events and intuitive dashboards.

Maintenance management.

Obtain a holistic view of overall fleet maintenance to increase fleet efficiency.

Realistic planning & simulation.

With more information available managers can improve planning and run simulations to forecast accurately.

Overall fleet efficiency.

Increase fleet efficiency through not only tracking but analysis and data-driven management.

Route accuracy.

With constantly increasing fuel prices route planning and ensuring drivers stick to their routes is vital to decreasing running costs of any waste removal fleet.

AVA provides a digital solution that not only tracks your assets in real-time, but provides you with intuitive dashboards that gives you a holistic view of your fleet. The solution is designed to help managers and owners obtain a very quick view of their fleet to ensure fleet efficiency.

Made possible by:

  • Live intuitive dashboards
  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Geo-fencing areas
  • Alerts & notifications

Monitoring driver behaviour.

Waste fleet managers & owners understand the issue of drivers misusing their assets. Speeding, hard braking, asset overuse, and making use of them for personal use.

AVA provides fleet managers with a better way to monitor driver behavior. Helping fleet owners & managers track speeding, braking, idle time, maintenance, ignition times, and shift times. This provides managers with the information they need to increase driver discipline.

Made possible by:

  • Automated reporting
  • GPS & NFC devices
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Geo fencing areas
  • Alerts & notifications

Maintenance management.

For assets to run at their most efficient level regular planned maintenance is important. Traditionally sticking to maintenance schedules has always been difficult, and often projects and planning does not take into account the amount of unplanned maintenance. This all results in your maintenance schedule often not being adhered to resulting in a decrease in fleet efficiency.

AVA provides a way for managers to manage their maintenance schedule with ease as well as more information. Helping managers and owners track planned and unplanned maintenance in an intuitive way. Enabling them to run their fleets more efficiently and with less hassle.

Made possible by:

  • Planned Vs. Unplanned maintenance
  • Event tracking and overlay
  • Intuitive live dashboards
  • Alerts & notifications

Realistic planning & simulation.

Gone are the days that you need to wait till the end of the month to determine how efficienct the fleet was.

AVA offers dashboards to track progress in real time to allow for fleet managers to manage more efficiently and effectively.

Made possible by:

  • Hands on dispatch
  • Key alerts & notifications
  • Intuitive dashboards

Overall fleet effieciency.

Fleet digitisation is aimed at one thing, improving efficiency through data.

AVA prides itself on their platforms ability to aggregate various data points and to effectively display this data in ways that fleet managers and owners can make more informed decisions.

Made possible by:

  • Real-time data measurement & analysis
  • Live dashboards
  • Alerts & notifications