Improving management through data and innovation.

Management through measurement.

In order to manage a fleet effectively you need to measure it accurately. Many fleets do not operate at optimal levels because managers do not have the information they need to improve efficiency.

AVA empowers its clients through providing them with accurate information whenever and wherever for them to accurately identify areas of improvement and to make decisions that result in improving the bottom line.

Smarter fleet management directly affects the efficiency of any business.

To make a good mine a great mine one has to look at how efficient a mine is. The only way to measure efficiency is with digital tools that are able to measure performance and efficiency across a mine.

AVA empowers mines by providing them with the data and information they need to make more informed decisions that ultimately effect the bottom line of the mine.

Powered by the Internet of Things.

The backbone of AVA lies within the Internet of Things(IoT).

IoT has enabled companies such as AVA to create vast digital networks that drive communication between multiple pieces of hardware in a mine. This connection of assets allows AVA to provide a more holistic view of a mine in realtime.