Technology has seen monumental leaps each year for the last decade, even though we’re not all flying around on hoverboards yet – sorry Doc, sorry Marty – AI is giving us enough to play and produce within the meantime. Heralded as the driving force into the fourth industrial revolution, we’re exploring the impact it will have in mining in the coming decades.


For the most part, mining operations are being run by people on the ground making decisions and taking actions based on the most relevant data they have. These decisions come from data-driven planning software that makes use of AI and machine learning technology. The main goals of today: drive down costs and risks to the business, increase safety and efficiency while optimizing operational flow if, where, and when possible.

2030 – The start of semi-autonomous mining operations 

With AI innovations rapidly evolving in the motoring and engineering space, we can expect this trend to carry into the mining industry very soon. With this transformation, mines will have the ability to function as semi-self-regulated entities; reducing human decision making and relying on the collaborative efforts of software solutions and humans to drive daily operations. With autonomous mining equipment being able to communicate with each other, we’re expecting a more efficient, safer, and profitable operation

For AVA, this is our North star developing data-driven and digital solutions in the mining sector.


2040 – Self-governing mines

With technological developments moving forward you can expect to see self-governing mines by 2040, these mine’s decisions will be made entirely by AI and will require very little human involvement to operate.

As these solutions become more common, software developers will be able to create plug-and-play software that is not limited to certain mine type or commodities.



2050 and beyond – virtual mines

Singularity is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in talks about AI. This phenomenon where AI will outpace human intelligence and be able to completely operate mines might seem like Sci-Fi, but researchers are predicting that singularity will be achieved in the next 30 years.

The impact that AI singularity will have on mines is astronomical with humans’ only involvement being ownership. Daily operation at the mine will be completely run by AI and the only human control will be orchestrated from mining headquarters.


Although these developments might seem like a lifetime away,  it is taking place every day while keeping job security, climate change as well as other social, economic and environmental factors in mind. But you can be assured that AVA will be leading the charge in the next mining revolution.