Simulation vs Real-Time Measurements

It has taken nearly two decades for digital twins to mature to where we are now and AVA has seized the opportunities that lie within digital twin technology to create data-driven mine management.


Digital twins are digital representations of physical assets, systems, or processes. It can be a simulation of a mine based on the data that is being fed into it. It’s a  multi-solution approach to data management that enables you to understand an asset’s condition, run simulations and scenarios, and provide a digital snapshot for future maintenance.


Digital twins create a live connection between the physical world and its virtual representation. It’s the perfect ‘what if’ simulation that helps for better planning and as a result, lowers your risks and saves time and money.


A common example of digital twin technology is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, which may come across as a game but is actually used for training purposes too.


Earlier this year at the Mining Indonesia 2021’s virtual event, AVA Solutions Founder and CEO, Jason Van Der Watt, provided a great overview of the current challenges in mining, the adoption of digital twins and the solutions available to drive efficiency.


Watch his full presentation below: