In an era dominated by tech and innovation, a time where a tech CEO is an A-list celebrity and global influencer, it’s no wonder AI is a household term. In modern-day operations, the question is not if but when AI will be incorporated into your industry, and the mining sector is no different. Ai is currently being touted as the modern solution to our increased demand for a more efficient, effective, and safer mine, but the question remains what are modern mine employees’ roles in the mine of the future?


With modern mining being far removed from the picks and shovels of the past, current mine operations are machine-heavy and rely on the cohabitation of workers and machines. Although change does not happen overnight, AI-driven mining has already cemented its role in the mining operation of the not-so-far future. Picture historical data being analyzed constantly to make changes to increase a yield or create new processes to reduce waste. This picture might have AI in the center frame but behind all this revolutionary tech is a team of dedicated data scientists, engineers, and developers. This influx of new professionals into the mining sector brings forth a new era of mining, filled with change and innovation.


AI’s place in modern discourse has mainly been focused on autonomous driving with companies like Tesla infiltrating the automotive scene seemingly overnight. This trend of autonomous driving has also begun to emerge within mining with a few companies piloting and prototyping across the globe, one being. The other conversation is often a more serious discussion about human job loss and workers’ place in the modern workforce.


With mining’s AI incorporation we’re predicting a mine where man and machine work together to create a new operation based on productivity and safety. This collaboration between man and machine is essential for AI to reach its true potential and secure worker’s place in the mining industry.  In the last decade, we’ve seen the rise of collaborative robots or cobots for short. These cobots have been implemented into factory floors with humans and robots creating a cohesive workspace that has raised productivity and has become the modern norm. We envision a similar adoption of this tech into mines and AVA is excited to be on the frontlines of the future of mining.


With new technology comes new challenges and stumbling blocks. With the monumental changes that the industry is set to undertake in the coming years and mine owners need to be prepared to utilize AI’s full potential  At AVA we provide industry-leading support to allow our clients to take full advantage of AI solutions and help them on their way to a safer and more profitable mining operation


As we continue to increase AI presence in daily life, we always have human workers to thank and will continue to rely on man’s innovation to fuel the future of all industries.