Traditional fleet management solutions have unprogressively been a one size fits all approach. These antiquated solutions provide limited data to the modern mine, creating blind spots for the business and its forecasts.

For us, this outdated business model needed disruption, with inefficiency and high costs firmly on our chopping block.

Our data-driven load and haul management solution was developed because we knew that there are always improvements to be made and never to settle. We aimed to create a solution that provided real value and insight to our clients at a fraction of the price.

Unconvinced? Below are some primary differences of what sets AVA apart and why you should consider a Load & Haul solution over traditional fleet management.

  1. No operator input

AVA’s Load & Haul System does not require any data input from equipment operators. All relevant data is gathered autonomously, improving data quality, and eliminating the need for costly and complicated in-cab hardware installations.

  1. Minimal hardware & hardware agnostic

The AVA system only requires an off-the-shelf GPS tracking device to be fitted to each load & haul asset (haul trucks & excavators/loaders) and the AVA system is OEM agnostic. This minimises hardware costs and hardware installation times.

  1. Sophisticated events engine

AVA’s events engine produces valuable real-time insights into mining load & haul operations using two simple data inputs:

  • GPS location data of load & haul assets received every 10 seconds from GPS tracking devices.
  • Geofences and other basic master data that is created and maintained in the AVA web application.


  1. Use existing communication infrastructure (GSM / LTE / WiFi)

GPS location data gathered for load & haul assets is transmitted to AVA’s secure databases via existing GSM / LTE network infrastructure or via an on-site WiFi network. This eliminates the need for investment in expensive on- site communication infrastructure.

  1. Rapid deployment & user adoption

With the basic hardware requirements combined with a user-friendly AVA web app, it ensures rapid and easy implementation and adoption of our load and haul management into your business.

  1. Low cost, flexible monthly subscription

With AVA’s determination to make every aspect of our solution as easy and effective as possible, we have implemented the same thinking into our billing system. With a cancelation period of only 30 days and month-to-month billing, we are ensuring that our clients continually derive value from our system.

  1. Customisable & powerful reporting tools & dashboards

AVA’s Load & Haul System not only provides real-time insights via the AVA web application, but also powerful reports and dashboards that can easily be customised by clients themselves or by AVA upon request.

This makes it easy for clients to analyse the performance of their load & haul operation and report on the key performance metrics that are important to them.

Out with the old, in with the (tech) gold.

To manage a modern mine, it’s crucial to optimise operations using the least disruption at the lowest financial risk.

Digital transformation starts with trust in technology that can guarantee results, and trust in the people behind it. That’s why we’re passionate about what we do, so much so, that we offer a free trial and personal guidance for anyone interested to join us at the forefront of data-lead innovation.